Free DC’s Budget! Vote Yes on 8!

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Did you know that DC is the only jurisdiction in America that has to get approval from Congress before spending local tax revenues?

On April 23, all DC residents will have the chance to vote on Referendum 8 to amend the District of Columbia Home Rule Act. The referendum amends the Act to allow the District government to spend local tax revenues without having to wait for congressional approval. This is a significant step for the District, and would move DC residents one step closer toward full citizenship.

Due to provisions in the Home Rule Charter, Congress retains ultimate authority to approve DC’s budget. The District government cannot spend locally-raised tax dollars without the approval of Congress. The District is also forced to operate on the same fiscal year as the federal government. During a federal government shutdown, the District is treated like any other federal agency and must curtail critical city services until the Congress passes a federal budget.

On April 23rd Vote for Budget Freedom!

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